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We Recycle at Work: so can you

We take care of all your recycling needs!

Clym will loan your office containers for the collection of your recyclables. You can consolidate mixed recyclables (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum) together in these containers and then place them outside on the scheduled service day for collection.

CLYM Recycling Truck

Where does it go?

On your scheduled service day (based on a customizable service schedule built to fit your needs) your recyclables will be collected and delivered to a local recycling center. Estimated volumes and weights will be tracked for each generator, and Clym will deliver periodic reports to you–detailing your estimated volume of recyclables–so you can proudly announce your achievements to customers and staff.

CLYM Recycling Bin

What does it cost?

Each stop will have a base fee for the collection of single-stream recyclables. Clym will offer a free recycling analysis and customize a solution to meet your needs and budget. Containers are provided free of charge, with the exception of one refundable deposit per container.

For specific prices, email us or call us at
(888) 289-2324.

About We Recycle At

As a Clym Recycler, your company will be featured on this website as a participating business. This added benefit not only increases name recognition to new clients, it sets your company apart as an eco-friendly business.

This website will also include helpful resources for the public on recycling, including the Do’s and Don’ts of Recycling, a list of acceptable recyclables, and information on alternate types of waste services such as electronic, hazardous and universal waste.

Community Spotlight

St. John Properties


Clym provided collection containers and offered information on what materials were acceptable for recycling. St. John promoted the program to employees and placed the “” badge at their entrance.

After the completion of a ninety-day trial, St. John Properties adjusted their solid waste disposal service to account for all of the materials that were recycled. This adjustment resulted in a 60% savings in solid waste disposal expense and more than paid for the recycling service.

Microbiology International

We recycle at work with CLYM Environmental Services. In addition to the good feeling we get about being environmentally responsible, we have realized a $71 reduction in our monthly dumpster charges by using just 2 recycling carts.

The service provided by CLYM is exceptional. The management and employees are friendly, competent and most helpful. We are very pleased to have this service offered here in the business park.

Celebrate Frederick!

Clym is providing recycling for all 2013 Celebrate Frederick events, including the July 4th celebration and In The Street. Over 70,000 people have attended events so far this year. Clym is proud to help the citizens of Frederick County recycle at work (and at play!)